About Us


Storm 'Elite' Trampoline Club is based at Hall Mead School in Upminster, Essex. We have a modest 20-25 members and five coaches. We run sessions two evenings a week, catering for a range of abilities and ages, starting at 8 years old; our oldest member is currently 15. We consider ourselves a 'developmental' club, placing emphasis on quality and progress. We would expect most members to enter most available competitions. Members should take training seriously, by jumping in suitable competition attire and by behaving appropriately. That said, we obviously want our members to ENJOY the sport and as such we're not adversed to having fun!


Hall Mead School has, for some time, had a reputation for trampolining. In the 70's, Swallow Trampoline Club was based at the school, run by then-teacher, Garry Parsons, in his spare time. As a result, the school itself placed more emphasis on trampolining as a sport and it became a regular component of the PE curriculum. At about the same time, Hall Mead began hosting the annual Havering Schools’ Trampoline Competition, which still runs to this day. Even when Swallow folded and Garry left the school, the legacy was in place and the sport continued to thrive. This legacy became evident to now Head Coach, Gary, when he was a pupil at Coopers’, down the road, and competed yearly at the Havering competitions between 1990 and 1996. As well as jumping for Wings Trampoline Club in Basildon, he became a qualified coach as soon as he was old enough and ended up helping to run the club. Unfortunately it folded in 1996 when he went to university. In 2001, as fate would have it, Gary started working at Hall Mead as a technology teacher and immediately got involved with the extra-curricular trampolining sessions. Through this, he met a PE teacher, Julie, who also had a keen interest in trampolining and it was decided to start a new club. In May 2002, Storm Trampoline Club was born. In the summer of 2009, it was decided to split Storm Trampoline Club into two, resulting in Storm 'Breakers', a purely recreational club and Storm 'Elite', a competitive club. Storm 'Breakers' closed in March 2015.

When the original club first started in 2002, we had three coaches, we trained four hours a week, over two evenings and we only had the use of Hall Mead’s trampolines. One was a full size ‘golliath’ bed and there were three smaller, less bouncy 77a's. By the time the club split, seven years later, we had purchased and since donated to Hall Mead School, three ‘competition’ trampolines, four end-decks and floor matting.


Storm 'Elite' train in the Sports Hall of Hall Mead School, Marlborough Gardens, Upminster, Essex. RM14 1SF


All coaches/assistants are members of Trampolining's Governing body, British Gymnastics and either have valid DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks in place, or applications being processed.

Head Coach/Club Manager, Gary is a BG 'Senior Club Coach' (Level 4) and Qualified 'County' level judge.

he is assisted by:

Olivia, an ex-pupil and UKCC Level 2 gymnastics & trampoline coach.

Mikaela, an ex-pupil and UKCC Level 2 gymnastics & trampoline coach.

Chloe, an ex-pupil, ex-club member and Level 1 trampoline coach.

Will, an ex-pupil, ex-club member, current competitive trampoline gymnast and UKCC Level 1 Trampoline Coach.


We have use of 4 trampolines every session. Two '6x4's and two '6mm' beds

We use 4 Continental 'international' end-decks.

We have floor matting to run along the sides of the trampolines during training.

We also have use of an over-head rig used for supporting somersaults.