Storm Elite Clothing

Girls Leotard

Boys Leotard

All the items above are available on loan from Storm. The items below are not made specially and are available directly from the retailer. Clicking on the picture will take you to the website.

Boys Stirrups

Available for about £24 from 'Milano'

Order: BLUE LYCRA STIRRUPS (Code: 103713)



Tramp Shoes

Available for about £10 from 'Milano'.

Order: TRAMPOLINE SHOE (Code: 105104)

Storm Elite Polo Shirts

T-Shirts with the club name printed on the reverse and the logo embroidered on the front, are given out every new year to 'Storm Elite' members, on payment of the annual membership fee.

Training Sessions

For training sessions, all members must wear 'competition attire'. For girls, leotards (short or long-sleeved), with hipsters if desired. Boys must wear a boys leotard (any design) and either gymnastics shorts or stirrups.


We expect all members to attend competitions in their club t-shirts/hoodies and to compete in Storm Leotards, but we are not offering them for sale; as Milano no longer make our design of leotard. Instead we will LEND them out to those who don’t own them, in exchange for a RETURNABLE deposit, which will be given back on the return of the items (in good condition).

Girls Hipsters

Available for about £12 from 'Milano'.

Order: NAVY VELOUR HIPSTERS (Code: 103002)

Boys Shorts

Available for about £14 from 'Milano'.