Well done to those that took part in the above competition. The results were:

Under 10
Under 14
Under 18
Synchro Open
1st Alice Sorenson
1st Ricky Emery
1st Leanna Lewis
1st Ricky & Rhianne
2nd Lizzie Ellis 2nd Leanne Hilton 2nd Rhianne Lovitt 2nd Louise & Leanne
3rd Tom Whipps 3rd Lisa Howard 3rd Hannah Burt 3rd GARY & JULIE
4th Amber Tongue 4th Louise Pope 4th Maria Manning 4th Leanna & Hannah
5th Cary Emery 5th Robert Veares 5th Danielle Payne 5th Lisa & Danielle
6th Bethan Pugh 6th James Warren 6th Helen Fox 6th Robert & Elizabeth
7th Charlotte Raisson 7th Katie Vlasic 7th Kayleigh Chenery 7th Katie & James
8th Matthew Whipps =8th Elizabeth Pearson 8th Nicola Hudson 8th Aimee & Olivia
9th David Whitbread =8th Aaron Simpson-Bean   9th Alice & Lizzie
  10th Tara Hamilton   10th Tom & Cary
  11th Aimee Ewin   11th Amy & Aaron
  12th Amy Mead   12th Sarah & Louise
  13th Sarah Whitbread   13th Katie & Megan
  14th Louise Harrington   14th Louise & Rebecca
  15th Megan    
  =16th Olivia Edwards    
  =16th Katie Oswald    
  18th Rebecca Raisson    
  19th Louise Whitbread    























Storm Club Competition

22nd July 2004