Date Competition Details
9-10th November '19 League Series National Final Derby Arena
11-13th October '19 English Championships Final Derby
31st August -
1st September '19
League Series Qualifier 3/3 Nottingham
12th-14 July '19 NDP National Final Nottingham
22-23rd June '19 League Series Qualifier 2/3 Cardiff
8th-9th June'19 NDP Regional Team Final & National Semi-Final Birmingham
11-12th May '19 English Championships Qualifier 2 Telford
4-5th May '19 League Series Qualifier 1/3 Burgess Hill
13-14th April '19 English Championships Qualifier 1 Eastleigh
2nd March '19 Schools' National Final Birmingham
(17th February '19) (NDP Regional Qualifier 3) (Brentwood School)
27th January '19 NDP Regional Qualifier 2 Colchester
19th January '19 Schools Zonal Competition Eastleigh
25th Nov. '18 Schools' Regional Competition Harlington
9th-10th Nov. '18 League Series National Final Sheffield
28th October '18 NDP Regional Qualifier 1 Harlow
6th-7th October '18 League Series Qualifier 4 South Shields
8th-9th September '18 League Series Qualifier 3 Burgess Hill
6-8th July '18 NDP National Final Nottingham
15-17th June'18 NDP Regional Team Final & National Semi-Final Birmingham
26th-27th May '18 League Series Qualifier 2 Cardiff
21st-22nd April '18 League Series Qualifier 1 Eastleigh
24th March '18 Schools' National Final Northern Ireland!
18th March '18 NDP Regional Semi-Final Cambridge Uni.
25th February '18 NDP Regional Qualifier 3 Brentwood School
28th January '18 Schools' Zonal Competition Southern Zone, Gillingham.
14th January '18 NDP Regional Qualifier 2 Cambridge Uni.
10th December '17 Schools' Regional Competition

London Region in Harlington.
East Region in Hatfield.

2-3rd December '17 T2K League Final - London Olympic Velodrome Lee Valley VeloPark
26th November Brentwood Open Brentwood School
22nd October '17 NDP Regional Qualifier 1 Cambridge Uni.
7-8th October '17 Trampoline League Comp 4 - Gillingham Medway Park
16th September '16 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2017 Results
2-3rd September '17 Trampoline League Comp 3 - Birmingham University Results
8-9th July '17 NDP National Finals - Telford Results
24-25th June '17 Trampoline League Comp 2 - South Shields Did not enter
17-18th June '17 NDP Regional Team Finals (National Semi-Finals) - Birmingham B'card Arena Results
10-11th June '17 Trampoline League Comp 1 - Cardiff, Wales Results
19th March '17 NDP Regional Semi-Final - Cambridge Results
15th January '17 NDP Regional Qualifier 2 - Cambridge Results
26-27th November '16 T2K League Final - London Olympic Velodrome Results
13th November '16 Brentwood OPEN Results
29-30th October '16 T2K League Comp 4 - Newtown, Wigan Results
25th September '16 NDP Regional Qualifier 1 Results
24th September '16 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2016 Results
17-18th Sept. '16 T2K League Comp 3 - South Shields


17th July '16 Easton Friendly Regional Competition Did not enter
8-10th July '16 NDP NATIONAL Finals - Telford Results
25-26th June '16 T2K League Comp 2 - Cardiff, Wales Results
28-29th May '16 NDP Regional Team Finals - Birmingham Results
22nd May '16 London Youth Games - Harrow Results
2nd-3rd April '16 T2K League Comp 1 - Eastleigh, Hants Results
20th March '16 NDP Regional Semi-Final - Camb'ge Results
19th March '16 GB Schools' NATIONAL Final Results
28th February '16 NDP Regional Qualifier 2- Hitchin Results
31st January '16 GB Schools' ZONAL Competition Results
6th December '15 NDP Regional Qualifier 1 - Cambridge Results
29th November '15 GB Schools' REGIONAL Competition Results
21/22 November '15 T2K League Final - Copperbox, London Results
15th November '15 Brentwood OPEN Results
24th October '15 T2K League Comp - South Shields Not entering...
11th October '15 Eastern Regional Championships Results
5th September '15 T2K League Comp - Cardiff Results
18th July '15 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2015 Results
27th June '15 T2K League Comp - Hull Results
7th June '15 London Youth Games - Harrow

Havering - 6th
Will Smith - 2nd

22nd March '15 Cambridge Regional Grading Results
14th March '15 GB Schools' NATIONAL Final Birmingham - Results
22nd February '15 Hitchin Regional Grading Results
18th January '15 GB Schools' ZONAL Competition Oxford - Results
13th December '14 GB Schools' REGIONAL Competition Bromley - Results
6th December '14 T2K League Final - Cambridge Results
1st November '14 T2K League Comp - Liverpool Results
25th October '14 T2K League Comp - Gillingham Results
28th September '14 Brentwood OPEN Results
19th July '14 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2014 Results
22nd June '14 Eastern Regional Championships Results
30th March '14 Cambridge Grading H-C Results
29th March '14 Eastern Grading 3-6 (New Structure) Not entered
23rd February '14 Hitchin Grading H-C Results
22nd February '14 Eastern Grading 3-6 (New Structure) Not entered
26th January '14 Brentwood Grading H-C Results
25th January '14 Brentwood Grading 3-6 (New Structure) Not entered
27th Oct. '13 REGIONAL Grading H-D Cancelled
6th October '13 Brentwood OPEN Results
20th July '13 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2013 Results
23rd June '13 Eastern Regional Championships Not entered
26th May '13 EASTON Grading H-D Results
21st April '13 IPSWICH Grading F-D Results
9th March'13 GB Schools' NATIONAL Finals Cannock, Staffs
3rd March '13 SAFFRON WALDEN Grading H-D Results
3rd February '13 Brentwood Grading H-D Results
13th January '13 GB Schools' ZONAL Finals Bristol
1st December '12 GB Schools' REGIONAL Finals Results
14th Oct. '12 EASTON Grading H-D Results
30th Sept. '12 Brentwood OPEN Results
14th July '12 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2012 Results
10th June '12 HITCHIN Grading H-D Results
25th March '12 SAFFRON WALDEN Grading H-D Results
11th March. '12 GB Schools' NATIONAL Finals Bristol
22nd Jan. '12 BRENTWOOD Grading H-D Results
15th Jan. '12 GB Schools' ZONAL Finals Results
3rd Dec. '11 GB Schools' REGIONAL Finals Results
30th Oct. '11 Brentwood Open Results
16th Oct. '11 REGIONAL Grading G-D Not entered
17th July '11 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2011 Results
22nd May '11 EASTON Invitational Not entered
15th May '11 BRENTWOOD Grading H-D Results
'Mid' Mar.'11 GB Schools' NATIONAL Finals Birmingham
6th Mar.'11 SAFFRON WALDEN Grading H-D Results
15/16th Feb. '11 HAVERING Schools Championships Hall Mead
23rd Jan.'11 GB Schools' ZONAL Finals Isle of Wight
16th Jan. '11 HITCHIN Grading G-D Results
5th Dec. '10 GB Schools' REGIONAL Finals Results
17th Oct. '10 EASTON Grading G-D Results
26th Sept. '10 Brentwood Open Results
17th July '10 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP 2010 Results
6th Jun. '10 REGIONAL Grading G-D Results
21st Mar. '10 SAFFRON WALDEN Grading G-D Results
14th March. '10 British Schools National Final Results
9th/10th Feb.'10 HAVERING Schools Championships coming soon...
24th Jan. '10 British Schools Zonal Round Results
24th Jan. '10 BRENTWOOD Grading G-D Withdrawn
23rd Jan. '10 STORM ELITE CLUB COMP (2009)! Results
6th Dec. '09 British Schools Regional Round Results
11th Oct. '09 REGIONAL Grading G-D Not Entered
27th Sept. '09 Brentwood Open Results
20th June '09 London Youth Games Results
31st May '09 REGIONAL Grading G-D Results
19th Apr. '09 'Friendly' Georgia's Appeal Open Results
29th Mar. '09 HARLOW Grading (G-D) Results
8th Mar. '09 British Schools National Final Results
17th Jan. '09 British Schools Zonal Round Results
11th Jan. '09 HITCHIN Grading (G-D) Results
7th Dec. '08 British Schools Regional Round Results
2nd Nov. '08 Cambridge Cangaroos Open Sawston
12th Oct. '08 IPSWICH Grading (G-D) Results
28th Sept. '08 Brentwood Open Results
21st Sept. '08 MK Synchro (Friendly) Milton Keynes
6th Sept. '08 Storm Club Competition Results
22nd Jun. '08 Harlow Grading (3-5) Results
14th May '08 London Youth Games Results
18th May '08 Milton Keynes Open Results
23rd Mar. '08 Eastern Grading (3-6) Results
9th Mar. '08 British School National Final Results
20th Jan. '08 British Schools Zonal Round Results
13th Jan. '08 Eastern Grading (3-5) Not Entered
2nd Dec. '07 British Schools Regional Round Results
7th Oct. '07 Ipswich Grading (3-5) Not Entered
23rd Sept. '07 Brentwood Open Results
8th July '07 Storm Club Competition Results
17th June '07 Harlow Grading (3-5) Not Entered
27th May '07 Elite TC Open Results
6th May '07 Milton Keynes Open Results
1st April '07 Brentwood Grading (3-5) Results
11th March '07 Ipswich Open Not Entered
17th Feb. '07 British Schools National Final Sunderland
21st Jan. '07 Hitchin Grading (3-5) Results
20th Jan. '07 British School Zonal Round Hampshire
10th Dec. '06 Pheonix Friendly DMT & Synchro Not Entered
3rd Dec. '06 British Schools Regional Round Results
5th Nov. '06 Brentwood Open (1-6) Results
8th Oct. '06 Ipswich Grading 3-5 Not entered
20th July '06 Storm Club Competition Results
2nd July '06 Recoil Invitational (1-6) Results
25th June '06 Pheonix Flyers Friendly (1-6) Results
11th June '06 Harlow Grading 3-5 Results
14th May '06 Milton Keynes Open (1-6) Not entered
26th Mar. '06 Brentwood Grading 3-5 Results
12th Mar. '06 British Schools National Final Results
22nd Jan. '06 British Schools Zonal Round Results
15th Jan. '06 Hitchin Grading 3-5


11th Dec. '05 Pheonix DMT & Synchro Cancelled
4th Dec. '05 British Schools Regional Round Results
Mid. Nov. '05 Colchester Open Cancelled
2nd Oct. '05 Grading 3-5 (Ipswich) Results
25th Sept. '05 Brentwood Open Results
21st July '05 Storm Club Comp. Results to come
10th July '05 Recoil Invitational Results
5th Jun. '05 Grading 3-5 (Harlow) Results
22nd May '05 Milton Keynes Open Results
3rd Apr. '05 Grading 3-5 (Brentwood) Results
27th Mar. '05 Pheonix Open Results
13th Mar. '05 British Schools National Final Results
23rd Jan. '05 British Schools Zonal Round Results
16th Jan. '05 Grading 3-4 (Laindon) Results
12th Dec. '04 Pheonix DMT & Synchro Results to come
5th Dec. '04 British Schools Regional Round Results
14th Nov. '04 Colchester Open Refused entry...
3rd October '04 Grading 3-5 (Ipswich) Results
19th Sept. '04 Brentwood Open Results
22nd July '04 Storm Club Comp Results
11th July '04 Recoil Invitational Results
30th May '04 Milton Keynes Open Results

General Guidance and Information for Competition

The following information can be downloaded as a WORD file here

This is intended as a reference for performers and all parents accompanying their children to competitions.

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Competitors are separated for competitions by age group and grade.


For every competition, the competitor needs two 10-bounce routines memorised. The first is usually a SET or COMPULSORY routine; this is specific to the appropriate grade. Everyone in the group will be doing the same routine. The routine must be performed exactly as prescribed with no extra bounces in between or mistakes. All routines for the appropriate grade and age are available for reference on the Storm website. Depending on the grade, you will either compete the SET twice, or you may have the option to compete a VOL or voluntary routine. This routine is designed in negotiation with the coach; every one can be different. It is normally more difficult than the SET as extra marks are given for difficulty (see scoring). Performers only get one chance to complete their routines and if they make a mistake they cannot try again. In higher grades, there is sometimes a third ‘Final’ round for the highest scoring competitors only. In this round, all previous scores are 'zeroed' and the VOL is performed again to decide the final standings.


During competition, no-one must walk in between the judging panel and competing bed in case they are judging a routine. Whenever someone is bouncing, they must have spotters. When actually COMPETING, they must bring TWO spotters only, stood at the two open corners of the bed. Spotters cannot communicate with the competitor during their routine. When called to compete by the competition marshall, the competitor should mount the trampoline and sit neatly in the seat drop position on the cross. The chair of judges will then inform them that they may begin. At this point the competitor should neatly turn to face the judges and ‘present’ (Right arm for the boys, both arms for the girls). Then ¼ twist to face the direction they want to start when they bounce. At the end of the routine they should stop dead and stay still for 3 seconds to show they are under control. They should then turn and present again to the judges, they are then free to leave the bed. Sportsmanship and composure should be shown at all times.


At all competitions, judging panels consist of: 5 form judges who judge the neatness of the routine, a chair of judges, who advises of deductions and makes important decisions with regards to disputes, and a tariff judge who checks that the routine is correct and calculates the difficulty score of a routine during the ‘vols’. As the routine is performed, the form judges are looking at every single move and deciding how close it was to perfect. This eventually equates to a score out of 10 for the routine. When the judges show their scores, to avoid any bias, the top and bottom scores are disregarded and the middle three are added together. In the ‘vol’ round, the tariff score is also added to make the total score for the routine. Following, are reasons why extra marks may be deducted from a routine:
· Instability at the end of a routine.
· More than 10 elements in the routine.
· Less than 10 elements in the routine.
· Communicating or being communicated-with during the routine.
· Taking too long to start the routine (more than 60 seconds)
These are reasons why the judging of a routine could be stopped before the end:
· Landing on one leg.
· Performing the incorrect move during a ‘set’.
· ‘Killing the bed’ during a routine.
· Landing-on any pads, mats or springs, or touching them with any part of your body or clothing. (This includes hair and hair ties!)
· Putting hands down, or landing on knees etc. during a routine.
Obviously, the competitor with the highest sub-total for both ‘set’ and ‘vol’ added together will be the winner.


As a general rule, the clothing regulations are the same for all competitions. They are as follows:
· Boys should wear a sleeveless leotard and light-coloured or white gym stirrups with plain socks in white or in the same colour as the stirrups; or trampoline shoes.
· Girls should wear a leotard (long-sleeved, or sleeveless) with plain white socks or trampoline shoes. They MAY be able to wear hot-pants/shorties, depending on the competition, but they must match the colour and material of the leotard exactly.
· If the competitors are in a TEAM, all team members MUST be wearing identical kit.
· NO jewellery is allowed.
Although not an official rule, at Storm we hope that all competitors come to competitions in the club tracksuit and t-shirt and ideally compete in the club leotard. These can be lent-out as appropriate.

At EVERY competition there is an obligation for competing clubs to provide competition officials. The number required is proportional to the number of club competitors entering.

As coaches, we feel that our time at competitions is best spent supporting and encouraging competitors. We too often end up needing to be officials instead though. We hope that parents will be willing to help us out in this regard so that we can be left to help the kids. There will be an opportunity on the termly costing sheets, to indicate if any help can be provided. Please think about volunteering, it would be a great help to the kids and the club. Officials (with the exception of warm-up marshalls) generally get a free lunch on the day, and cost of entry will be reduced for those who are willing to help. Below are descriptions of all the official positions:
A form judge is someone who watches the competing routines and allocates scores for the neatness of the execution (form). To be a form judge, you must attend a 2-day training course, which Storm will happily fund if people are willing to volunteer for this role.
A tariff judge is someone who watches the competing routines and checks that the set routine is correct, and for the vol, adds up the difficulty scores for the moves in the routine as they are performed. To be a tariff judge, you must also attend the BG judges course.
The recorder is an administrator who takes down judges scores and calculates totals as necessary. There are two types of recorder, and both are normally found working in parallel. One is a manual recorder who does everything on paper and uses a calculator. There is also a computer recorder who types in the scores into special scoring software and works everything out on computer. Neither position requires any qualifications as such, but experience would be essential. As such, if any parents are interested in gaining experience, I’m sure that you could sit in at a recorders station during future competitions to learn the job first hand.
The competition marshal organises the traffic flow of competitors and warm-ups during competition. They check attendance and organise everyone into order after the general warm-up. They make sure that all competitors know when they are about to compete or warm-up. A good competition marshall ensures the quick and smooth running of a panel.
This easy role is only required during the ‘general’ warm-up before the competing round starts. There are two per panel, one for each bed. The job involves collecting warm-up cards from competitors and ticking off the card as routines are practised. This ensures that everyone gets their fair share of practice and the warm-up process remains smooth and calm.




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