The cost of training with Storm 'Elite' (from September 2018) breaks down as follows:

Club membership fees: £18.00 per year (includes t-shirt)
[incorporated into monthly payment]

British Gymnastics membership fees (includes insurance)
[payable directly to BG in October]

Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association affiliation fees:

Training fees:

Cost levels are based on the highest grade competed in the previous season.

General fees can be paid in TWO ways, either:

Termly by cash/cheque, in advance (3 times per year, September, January & April). Due to the added inconvenience, a surcharge of 5% is added to training costs for those not wishing to pay by standing order.

Competition fees:

Regional competition fees are included in the cost of training, so there is no additional cost incurred. BUT, if a member enters a competition and subsequently does not attend, the cost of entry will be requested from parents.

National competition fees will be subsidised by 50%.